is at the core of our model

Since its inception, IDOL has remained an independent company in terms of its structure and technology.

Much more than a state of mind, our independence translates concretely to our unique way of doing things that positively impact the company in all of its practices and to what we owe our success.
We are more responsive, more agile, and able to adapt quickly; free from the restraints of investors or parent companies: this is the reason why we deeply desire to remain independent. Unencumbered by any external constraints, we favor quality over quantity, long-term over short-term and performance over profitability. In order to maintain and perpetuate our independence, we have always given priority to the growth of our personal equity. This way, we are able to relentlessly invest in enhancing our services, improving our tools and developing projects on an international scale.

Pioneering digital

Founded in 2006 by Pascal Bittard, IDOL soon established itself as one of the main digital distributors operating on an international level.
As former head of the Independent Label Distribution department at Sony until 2000, Pascal then took charge as Marketing Director at Richard Branson’s British label V2.
For many, the next logical step would have been to create their own label and become a producer. But Pascal chose to focus on distribution, a sector back then in bloom with the breakout success of the digital music format. He is as passionate about the unique relationship between the music distributor and the distributed labels, as he is with digital technology. He aims to support, advise and provide guidance to the independent labels he admires so they eventually get their chance to be heard. IDOL came to light in 2006 and the model gradually evolved towards an Artist & Label Services venture, with all the passion and values intact.

A team
of passionate experts

A state of mind, shared values and a common passion: this is what characterizes the IDOL team, which continues to evolve as the years go by.
Legal & Finance
Content Mgmt
Front-end Developer
Label Mgmt
Label Mgmt
International Coordination
Business Dev
Back-end Developer

Our values


IDOL recruits only passionate and highly motivated candidates. People who express a passion for our profession and an adherence to our values, that become reflected in the great support, availability and proactive spirit our partners benefit from, and in the commitment of our teams to each and every project they undertake.


At IDOL, there are no false promises, no hidden costs. We do what we say and we say what we do. Integrity and transparency are essential to building the trust that our artists and labels put in us. The Labelcamp back office – the reporting and analysis tool made available to our labels – is a symbol of our immediate transparency.


The satisfaction of our labels and the success of their projects have always been the driving-force at IDOL. This requires repeated analysis and constant improvement to our expertise and the services we offer – a 15-year journey to date. It is served by continual anticipation.

Team spirit

This is one of the founding values of IDOL. For us, a company is above all a team of humans. Solidarity, humility, benevolence and self-sacrifice are not empty words for Pascal Bittard: the founder of IDOL learned these powerful values during his youth spent on the rugby fields. They have guided him in his professional life and naturally, in the development of IDOL.

The IDOL ecosystem

With distribution and artist development being the core of our activity – where we come from – we have developed an ecosystem of practices to expand upon new market opportunities, putting our know-how and expertise to good use whilst learning from new endeavours... Through it all, we are lead by our passion.


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From as early as 2011, our technology was already one of the most efficient solutions on the market. We then granted access in the form of a license, to our fellow digital distributors willing to benefit from a cutting-edge distribution platform.

Our activity as an exclusive technical service provider will allow us to invest in a newly globalized market, develop new economic models, and widen our skill set while maintaining high technological standards as an established leader in distribution solutions.

Our first clients included Wagram, Because and Naïve, followed by Seed (US), Virtual (US), Select (Canada), Som Livre (Brazil), Kompakt (Germany), Ditto (UK), Concord (US) PIAS (UK) and many others...
Labelcamp is a complete and modern technological solution, available through a white label web application and open APIs.

Our application allows clients to manage all of their digital distribution operations, from catalog management to content delivery, reports processing to customer analytics, and much more.

IDOL Media

Independent from IDOL in their operation and editorial policies, our multiple media platforms were born out of reflection on the latest developments in our field, as well as an incessant desire to find alternative means to present a vision of diversity and pluralism – values that we continue to champion today.

We liken our media outlets to a lab or an R&D project, which allows us to develop our work in areas such as content production, audience research, social media, web marketing, etc.

And thus successively were born Pan African Music and Getup.
Pan African Music
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Pan African Music (PAM), established in 2017, is an online music magazine available in French and English, dedicated to the promotion and sharing of music from the African continent and its diasporas. PAM follows two objectives: to support contemporary trends in music by highlighting the creative effervescence of upcoming generations, whilst asserting itself as a documentary platform specializing in the history and mutations of musical heritage of the African continent.
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Born in 2020, Getup is a media platform that offers contextualized playlists, accessible to subscribers of Apple, Deezer and Spotify services. This platform meets the growing demand of a particularly discerning music-lover. Our listeners want more than just your average mainstream playlists, eager to discover new hidden gems, yet without the time that is required to "dig" deep to find them.