EveryDejaVu: for the love of art

Ryan Magnole, founder of the young Bostonian label EveryDejaVu, tells us why he joined IDOL. In passing, take a look at the catalog, composed of j^p^n, Dolly Ave, Borboleta...

For Ryan Magnole, the adventure began in 2012 as a music blog. Two years later, he decided to turn EveryDejaVu into a label. Since then, Ryan Magnole, who also runs the art magazine Handcastle, has expanded his catalog of hip-hop, indie rock, and R&B artists with the ambition to represent “a contrast between the norm and the fantastical”.

Ryan explains why he chose to sign with IDOL: “EveryDejaVu has been releasing music to streaming platforms for about five years now and up until 2021, we were using platforms like Distrokid for our distribution and were not getting any support on the digital distribution end past getting our music in stores. We felt like we were at the stage to have a supporting arm on the distribution side that could help us with anything from ensuring timely releases to pitching to playlists and other marketing opportunities.

“IDOL felt like the right fit for EveryDejaVu because they covered this and more. My phone calls with Mike and Thomas in the months leading up to our partnership showcased that they really cared about the label’s music and would be around to support our future releases. And that support extended far past just giving us a platform to upload our music (which Labelcamp was another huge reason we moved forward with this relationship – it’s such a beauty of a platform), they showcased their ability to connect with the music and brainstorm ideas to help promote it during and after the releases.”

The label's catalog

  • Borboleta – this R&B singer-songwriter delivers pop melodies infused with classic rock and Black spiritual jazz/li>
  • j^p^n – this enigmatic producer is a master at bending samples to create warm arrangements
  • Dolly Ave – this former photographer turned singer, delivers intimate lyrics with pop, R&B, soul and electronic soundscapes
  • Elbows – this singer-songwriter and visual artist produces psychedelic electro-pop with jazz, hip hop and funk overtones
  • Satchy – accompanied by a group of jazz musicians, this singer-songwriter creates versatile and sensual soundscapes
  • John Robinson – from the South Bronx, this veteran of the hip hop underground has just released a new album, King JR, produced by rapper Blu

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