Heist Recordings, a decade of sonic liberation

IDOL recently began working with Heist Recordings, the leading label on the Amsterdam electronic and house scene. Introducing the label created by the duo Dam Swindle, who celebrate their 10th anniversary this year.

Heist Recordings was founded by Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets in 2013. The two producers met because Lars, a programmer in several Amsterdam clubs, was forced to let Maarten go because he was playing too much underground music. They soon got talking, realised they had a lot in common, and formed a musical partnership. In 2012, Lars and Maarten released their first EP, The Wrap Around, which mixed house, disco, soul and techno, under the name Detroit Swindle.

The following year, after releasing tracks on Freerange, Future Classics and Dirt Crew, the duo knew they wanted to do more. “I’ve always dreamed of creating our own label”, explains Lars, “and releasing music on our own terms”. At the same time, propelled by an appearance at a Freerange Boiler Room in London, the duo’s DJ career took off, with shows all over the world. “We were gaining a lot of notoriety, and with that notoriety, it seemed like the right time to push other artists forward”, Marteen told Beatportal.

From the very first release, Heist Recordings proved to be a key label for underground electronic and house music. Over the years, Heist has promoted artists such as Frits Wentink, Nebraska, and Marina Trench. The duo, now known as Dam Swindle, are committed to helping artists develop and fulfill their potential.

We had been with our previous distributor for a long time, but felt the need to move on and improve our digital presence. We immediately clicked with the team at IDOL and made the choice to work with them based on their extensive digital expertise as well as the business ethos that runs through the company. The love for the music is really genuine, and we feel like the people at IDOL work as an extension of our own label team to make the most out of our digital releases.” Dam Swindle

Since signing with IDOL, Heist has released three celebratory anniversary compilations, with one more due for release in late 2023. This year has also seen releases on the label from Cinthie, Crackazat, Amy Dabbs and Orlando Voorn with a full release schedule planned for 2024.

Upcoming Priorities

Dam Swindle – Minor Fools EP – 20th October
Label heads Maarten and Lars are back with a three track EP, which sees the pair return to classic US house mode.

Heist Classics Vol 2 – 10th November
The final release in a series of special anniversary compilations the label have released through 2023.

Plus some extra special releases TBA for 2024!

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