House of Youth Records, a certain vision of music

IDOL is delighted to announce the arrival of House of Youth Records to its catalog. The label hosts artists with complete artistic worlds as in the case of CLANN, Nuage, and BAILE among others.

Stephen Robusto and Francis Cucuzzella founded House of Youth as a creative agency and record label. Since its inception, the cofounders have been spearheading all aspects of the company – producing and helping with bringing all projects to life.

The ambition of House of Youth Records is to create and inspire. From the beginning, Thomas Maxwell and Mike Clemenza, both Sr. Directors, Label Development and A&R at IDOL US, were intrigued by the focus on the detailed visual aesthetic of the label, as well as the unique roster of cutting-edge electronic artists.

While the first few years of House of Youth Records focused on producing local artists, the label is increasingly expanding its horizons on an international level and now work with a wide range of artists spanning the globe.

"The artists we’ve curated on House of Youth mesh seamlessly with the current roster at IDOL and we’re excited to morph and grow in partnership with a distributor that fosters a similar ethos to us."

In the House of Youth Records roster

    At the origins of the KIN Fables project, CLANN is a group of Canadian artists and musicians. Together they have created Seelie, a visual and musical art piece and a cinematic and atmospheric odyssey.
  • Nuage & Omfeel
    Our Language is the meeting of Russian producer Dimitry Kuzmin aka Nuage and pianist and composer Omfeel. A timeless album that fuses the energy of early 90’s dance with the minimalism of modern composers like Philip Glass.
    With his debut album After All This Time, Brooklynite producer Reed Kackley aka BAILE conjures up dance music inspired by house and downtempo. The album features vocal performances from Felicia Douglass (Dirty Projectors, Ava Luna), Kauf, Haulm, Ellyn Woods and IYVES.
  • Sterling Grove & Ellyn Woods
    Since 2015, Montreal-based singer-songwriter Ellyn Woods has been working closely with producer duo Sterling Grove. That’s why Marc Luciano and Stephen Robusto called on her for Cabin Days, an EP between organic and electronic jams, recorded in Northern Quebec.
  • Nuage & Benjamin Yellowitz
    Multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Yellowitz fuses folk with his electronic production style to create warm sound worlds. The singer-songwriter has teamed up with Russian producer Nuage for an EP, Orbit.

Listen to the latest remix of their Orbit EP by Adriatique & Ae:ther

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