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IDOL Germany has just signed with Kabul Fire Records, the label founded by the producer Farhot. The collaboration starts with the release of the album of the young but promising producer agajon.

The label’s motto is clear: “We release music approved by beat addicts!” For over a decade now, Farhot, the founder of Kabul Fire Records, has been producing music for artists of all stripes. He got his start with Nigerian singer Nneka. Together they took their first steps in the music industry and haven’t lost touch since. Although he is no longer her regular producer, she made an appearance on Farhot’s latest album.

Little by little, Farhad Samadzada has dug his groove, found his touch as a producer named Farhot, especially with Benjamin Bazzazian. With their duo Die Achse, they produced artists like Haftbefehl, Azad, and Samy Deluxe. He hasn’t only rethought German rap, Farhot touches all styles, from Neo Soul to Indie Electronica, to jazz beats. The list of his collaborations is long: from British artist Kano and American rapper Talib Kweli to Hip Hop French band 113 and Belgian singer Selah Sue.

“We are happy to have found a new home on the distribution side for the Kabul Fire family in IDOL. The conversations with Marit, the enthusiasm of the whole team, the understanding for music and for the needs of a label have convinced us completely. IDOL is a distributor that is progressive and forward-thinking, and we see our partnership as a perfect match: both partners are selective, well-sorted, with an international approach and a commitment to work selected music with care and dedication. Boutique.”

Among Kabul Fire Records’ roster:

  • Farhot Founder of the label, and producer specialized in rap, Farhot released last year Kabul Fire Vol 2, a collection of Afghan souvenirs he gleaned from his last trip to his homeland.
  • Agajon The young producer grew up in a musical family, which allowed him to try his hand at beatboxing at the age of 10. At just 21, agajon released his first album, nag champa, a very contemporary hip hop record with bossa and r&b sounds. The neo-soul singer Ninja Kidsoul, the urban artist Layla and Jay Prince are among the guests of honor.
  • KUOKO Singer-songwriter and producer, KUOKO channels her frustrations as a woman in today’s society and in the industry in particular through her electro-pop. As a visual artist, she makes her own artwork, but trusts feminist director Jasmin Luu for her videos.
  • Macem Ly Multi-instrumentalist and producer, Macem Ly has just released Date Honda, his first album. His rhythms mixing hip-hop, funk and soul form the perfect soundtrack for lovers’ dates in search of nature, and for travelers and dreamers more generally.
  • Silvan Strauss Producer and drummer, Silvan Strauss has made a name for himself on the European jazz scene with his ability to blend hip hop and urban jazz. He recently won the Hamburg Jazz Award. Within the label, he represents the organic side of beatmaking.
  • V.Raeter After his first success in 2020, the Berlin-based DJ, designer, illustrator, photographer and hip-hop producer releases his second album Sunday on a Monday. This instrumental album lets the melancholy of the last days of summer float through the air.

As well as Qadir Bijoux, Ninja Kidsoul, Wacho, Koaraktor, DB.CHAN, Loop, Hentzup, Whknws, akoYuno

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