Kicker Records: the cream of beatmaking

The recent IDOL signings include Kicker Records, a label created by beatmaker Konteks and co-directed by the French outfit, Hip Dozer. This is a brand new label that ventures into the field of ambient and instrumental hip hop.

Kicker Records was born out of a friendship and a shared love for beatmaking. The British producer Konteks and the French crew Hip Dozer have one objective: to put emerging artists of the beatmaking scene in the spotlight. The name of the label was born from the allusion to the kicker, the famous skateboard module that gives momentum to the most beautiful tricks.

Konteks is already known and recognised for his unique sounds which have seduced millions of listeners with singles such as “City Samba” and “Dusty”. These successes have led to remarkable collaborations, for example with the Belgian duo blackwave., for whom he produced the hit “Bittersweet Baby”, but also with the labels Blunt Shelter or Vinyl Digital. After four years of close collaboration with the Hip Dozer crew, it was natural for the two to join forces in this adventure, as Konteks explains it in an interview with Stereofox. .

Konteks, a true digger, unearths the gems of the Hip Hop scene with a capital H: lo-fi, boom-bap, downtempo, ambient, jazzhop, nothing escapes his expert ears. Hip Dozer’s odyssey began in 2014, and they have carried the banner of ever-evolving hip hop ever since. The French label built its reputation in discovering the most promising new talents, revealing Cookin Soul, SoulChef, FloFilz or DJ Cam, among others.

Their latest signings
  • Simon F.R.E.S.H – a Danish beatmaker formerly known as WhoGotDrumz, who now ventures into chillhop
  • Alys Good – a producer-composer from Russia, his hip-hop music is mainly inspired by jazz and electronics
  • Not Yourself – a producer with a passion for lofi rhythms and atmospheric sounds, his calling card is his mysterious anonymity and his increasingly lush musical universe
  • Arbee – this atypical electronic music producer from Quebec City continues to expand his universe of ambient and dreamy music with each new release thanks to his characteristic modular synthesizers
  • 8een – a Milanese producer and member of the ODDstatus collective, Francesco Busi masters the art of the beat with surgical precision at the age of 19

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