Kommerz Records: a family matter

Till Wilhelm
In 2020, IDOL opened a new office in Germany and one of their first signings is Kommerz Records - a label that brings together the best of Berlin's underground music, from techno producers to hip hop beatmakers.

Kommerz Records was founded by two brothers, Lukas and Jonathan Nixdorff, who, after years of managing artists and touring, were forced by the pandemic to take a break. This break allowed them to realize their childhood dream: create a record label.

Their first release, “Kommerz Season 1: Anti-Virus”, is a compilation made in tribute to techno and house producers who were sorely missing the dancefloor. Quickly, the Nixdorff brothers decided to broaden their horizon, “One day we empower techno producers like DJ Piper of FJAAK to drop hip-hop beats during pandemic times, another day we release a jazz album by a wine shop owner and sommelier Noa Erni, and a few days later we introduce you to metalhead Treasure Bloom, who turned into a sensual singer-songwriter of next level lo-fi pop.”

In an interview with Juice, they explain that, “of course, the label has to follow a coherent editorial line, but it’s mostly about signing artists we like. If a rapper approaches us and we see a possibility of building something with him, then we will do it.”

Above all, the label wishes to remain honest and faithful to its community of clubbers: the line-up of the next compilation will be comprised of 100% womxn. Additionally, 10% of the profits from “Kommerz Season 1” will be donated to charity programs, supporting marginalized communities. “Diversity has to be a core element of Kommerz Records,” said Jonathan Nixdorff in an interview given to HHV Mag.

“We want to show that good beatmaking can also work outside the box, and that good music and good concepts can offer an alternative to standardized music.”

Listen to their monthly radio show on Radio8000. All shows / mixes then are available on Soundcloud & Spotify.

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