Pan European Recording: eclectic at heart

IDOL is very proud to announce his recent signing with Pan European Recording, a record label with an artistic vision guided first and foremost by passion. Independence being a priority to him, Arthur Peschaud finds his place with us.

Created in 2007, the music label has always stood out thanks to its artistic choices, radicals and passionates. Pan European Recording never became attached to a particular kind of music, but opted to focus on quality before all, be it for avant-garde electronic, pop or rock projects. Moved by these artists ready to sacrifice everything for their art, the record label has his heart set on allowing for the albums to exist, and for these artists to find their footing in the world.

« Pan European Recording joins IDOL for a new cycle, with plenty of projects, a creative energy, and more spirited than ever before. Marc Melià launches this collaboration with the release of Veus, his electronic ode to spatiotemporal journeys. Other new signings will reveal their music: Hanaa Ouassim, percussionist and singer at the world’s intersection, and Richard Fenet, multi-instrumentalist poet, sensitive and free spirit.

Besides that, artists who shaped the label’s image return: Koudlam, mystic and visionary artist, will releases his long awaited third album, Maud Geffray will bring a sequel to Polaar with a powerful album, and Flavien Berger, never too far either, will invite us to different experimentations, especially with the collectif_sin, following a creative course toward a new album to close the trilogy.

Of course, all the label’s artists lie in wait, and no one is shielded from unexpected brilliance from Judah Warsky, Buvette, Nicolas Ker (Poni Hoax), Thomas Henley, Fantomes, Aqua Nebula Oscillator, Sphaeros or Lisa Li-Lund. » Arthur Peschaud

Incidentally, the duet Fantomes, one of the label’s most recent releases, confided recently to French webzine ArtistikRezo about his signing with Pan European Recording. Mus says: “It’s a record label that puts people and relations at the center of its preoccupations, it’s one of the coolest music labels I’ve ever met. They support you in your choices, bringing their experience to the table. Then, if your idea is crap after all, but you’re convinced you need to tag along with it, too bad for you! It was impressive to be signed by such a label, that doesn’t try to be bankable, or to follow the craze of the moment.”

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