UNIIQU3 is Spotify USA’s EQUAL Artist of the Month

As part of Spotify's EQUAL program, UNIIQU3 has been chosen to represent female artists in the United States for the month of November. For this occasion, Spotify has dedicated a billboard to her in Times Square, the heart of New York.


UNIIQU3, born Cherise Gary, has established herself as one of the most influential producers of the Jersey Club scene, a genre inherited from Baltimore Club aka Bmore house. She was the first artist from this underground scene to play at Coachella. Recently signed to the Local Action label, she has just released an EP, Heartbeats, which she produced herself. Thanks to her single, Microdosing, the EP has reached 1 million streams in less than a month.

As a DJ, producer and songwriter, UNIIQU3 has always felt concerned with women’s issues, both in music and in other areas: she has written music for the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association). She also created a creative collective, BeUNIIQU3, to help women, Afro-descendants and the LGBTQ community. By sharing knowledge about the music industry, the collective enables them to succeed financially as independent artists.

UNIIQU3 explains why she is excited to be a part of a global program like EQUAL. “This program is highlighting women around the world who are making noise and making room for what’s next in music. Club Music is a homegrown frequency that’s taking the world by storm and I’m happy to be a pioneer and wear the crown for the culture.”

UNIIQU3 was named EQUAL Artist of the Month in the U.S., and on this occasion, Spotify sponsored a billboard of her in Times Square.

Spotify’s EQUAL program

Last May, Spotify launched EQUAL, a program to support female artists in over 50 countries. Spotify gives them more visibility to encourage gender equality in music. Each month, one artist is chosen to create a playlist, with a spotlight on Spotify’s Home and the platform’s social networks.

“As the world’s leading streaming platform, we have a responsibility and a role to play in building a more equal industry for female creators. We are delighted to be able to act at our level to open up more opportunities to them in their local markets but also internationally”
Antoine Monin, Music Director of Spotify France and Benelux

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