Erick the Architect, a multidimensional artist

IDOL has signed a partnership with American rapper and producer Erick the Architect. New James Blake collaborated single, 'Parkour', and more are set to be released through his label, Architect Recording Company.

Erick Arc Elliott, better known as Erick the Architect, is a founding member of hip-hop trio Flatbush Zombies. Originally from the Brooklyn neighborhood of Flatbush, he tried his hand at music at college, self-teaching piano and guitar. In 2010, he formed the band Flatbush Zombies with his childhood friend Meechy Darko and Zombie Juice.

Alongside the Flatbush Zombies project, Erick has been producing under the name Erick the Architect with a number of rappers, including Smoke DZA, ASAP Rocky and Joey Badass. More recently, he has been credited as co-producer on the single ‘I Keep Calling, taken from James Blake’s Before EP, and ‘Candle Flame‘ by British band Jungle.

“Working with IDOL has been such a joy, they’ve identified how well my music can/and will perform internationally/globally and believe in the ability for it to span all across the world.” Erick the Architect.

“When I first was introduced to IDOL, I had a solid piece of music (my new album) & I felt that it had to be nourished by the right individual/s considering I’ve been working on it for almost 4 years. Considering how special it is to me, I wanted to work with a team of people who saw my vision and believed in it just as much as I do. Working with IDOL has been such a joy, they’ve identified how well my music can/and will perform internationally/globally and believe in the ability for it to span all across the world. It means a lot to me to work alongside them. They are an efficient, extremely competent and personable company and I can’t wait for the world to see what we’ve been cooking up!” Erick the Architect.

Erick The Architect has recently released the single ‘Parkour‘, produced by his long-time friend – as well as Grammy and Mercury Prize winner, James Blake. For this release, and the forthcoming album campaign, IDOL’s teams are working closely with Erick’s management at Quincy Jones Productions. Like his eponymous debut EP, the album promises to be packed with features from some high-profile artists. [The album I’ve Never Been Here Before is now available].

”IDOL makes for an incredible partner for Erick’s upcoming album. They look at each step in the album development/creation along with promotion using a global lens. The team is thorough and has spent the past year with us prepping for one of Erick’s biggest moments in his career. With an emphasis on independence, we’re able to shape an elaborate rollout while pushing new boundaries at every corner.
We are extremely grateful for all the support and groundwork they continue to give Erick + we look forward to building all the foundations of this generational talent.”
Jordan Abrams, Artist Management and A&R at Quincy Jones Productions

“As IDOL continues to strengthen its presence in the North American market, the new deal with Erick marks a significant milestone for our US team as well as the company’s wider international ambitions. Joining IDOL with an already impressive body of work under his belt, both as a rapper and producer, we are beyond excited to be working with an artist harnessing the level of talent and creativity displayed by Erick. With much planned over the coming months, we look forward to working with him and his team at Quincy Jones Productions to help execute his vision for a landmark debut solo album.”
Pascal Bittard, President of IDOL

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