Mayway Records: Unearthing musical treasures

IDOL has recently teamed up with Mayway Records, to help them achieve their international ambitions. Introducing this vibrant and eclectic Belgian label.

Tony Vandenbogaerde founded Mayway Records in 2017. After a series of compilations and a few fine local releases the story really kicked off with the signing of a new promising band, Mooneye, who promptly won the 2019 edition of De Nieuwe Lichting (The New Generation), a notorious annual music competition, organized by leading indie radio station Studio Brussels. This success prompted Tony to focus on discovering and nurturing young talent, such as Meskerem Mees, DIRK., Meltheads, Ão and The Haunted Youth. Of the latter two, Mayway Records also takes care of management. Besides that the label is also open to work with more ‘household names’, with bright prospects and growth potential, like Marble Sounds or Isolde Lasoen.

Since then, Mayway Records has expanded, boasting a diverse roster spanning acoustic folk to psych punk. While most artists are Dutch-speaking, like Meskerem Mees or Meltheads, the roster also includes French-speaking talents like Eosine and artists from France including Parisian folkie Aure.

"The moment we walked into IDOL's office, we knew we were coming home. The people at IDOL feel our DNA and understand where we are aiming to go in the future as an independent label." Tony Vandenbogaerde.

Upcoming priorities

The Haunted Youth
Joachim Liebens, from Hasselt, Belgium, leads The Haunted Youth, offering psychedelic pop reminiscent of MGMT, DIIV, Slowdive, and The Cure, with live performances described as feverish and hypnotic.

Architect turned musician, Aure found her voice in Mexico, crafting soulful compositions with Ambroise Willaume’s help (aka Sage). Her EP, recorded in a Romanesque chapel, features poignant lyrics, deep vocals, and sparse arrangements, reminiscent of Nico and Françoise Hardy.

Marble Sounds
Pieter Van Dessel, guiding Marble Sounds for over a decade, crafts a captivating, homogeneous journey. Evolving from guitar-driven rock to piano and strings, their music showcases masterful, melancholic indie pop with emotional intensity and elegance.

Dressed Like Boys
Jelle Denturck, frontman of DIRK., ventures into personal introspection with Dressed Like Boys. Singing about personal freedom, relationships, and confronting uncomfortable themes, his 70s-influenced sound reveals a fragile, intimate exploration of self.

In the first quarter of 2024, Mayway released new albums by Meltheads and Mooneye. In the fall, new records by Calicos and Crackups will see the light as well as the debut albums of Isaac Roux and Bobbi Lu. Cherry on the cake will also come out in November: the very first single by the young prodigy Arend Delabie!

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