Next stop Sweden with two new labels Dumont Dumont & van Drumpt

IDOL is happy to start a promising collaboration with Dumont Dumont and van Drumpt, two Swedish labels managed by Magnus Bohman. Upcoming releases: flyckt, Vivii and Magnus John Anderson.

After having made his debut in the 90s at Jive/Zomba, alongside artists such as Britney Spears, A Tribe Called Quest, Backstreet Boys and NSYNC, Magnus Bohman opted for independence.

A first success with José González/Imperial Recordings encouraged Magnus Bohman to launch the Dumont Dumont label following his meeting with RY X. Working with the Australian songwriter, they released Berlin, an EP certified gold by ARIA in 2013. Since then, the label has been working with Charlie Cunningham, whose debut album Lines boasts over 250 million streams on Spotify alone, as well as emerging artists such as Josin, Sean Christopher, and ViVii, a dream pop trio to watch closely.

In 2019, driven by a desire to focus on contemporary classical music, Magnus Bohman helped launch the career of pianist Val Giamo through the rebranded van Drumpt label.

"A new partnership with IDOL for distribution will give me a strong distribution set up with a personal and tasteful touch. I'll be aligned with a partner that shares my commitment to my label and artists." Magnus Bohman

Priorities for 2022

  • ViVii Dream pop trio, with a backdrop of American surf rock and German techno. The band announced the release of a new single ‘Wrap Your Arms‘ just before their appearance at the SXSW festival next March in Austin, Texas.
  • flyckt After a first experience in production with Moodshift, which gave birth to the track ‘Chemistry‘, flyckt went solo for an intimate pop.
  • Daniel Trakell Songwriter from Melbourne (Australia), Daniel Trakell delivers a 70s piano-tinged pop-folk that has earned him comparisons to Elliott Smith, Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver.
  • Sean Christopher Originally from Holland, the songwriter studied jazz drums at the conservatory, and then turned to soulful folk music, often compared to that of Jeff Buckley and… RY X!
  • Jukka Rintamäki The composer and classical musician likes to shake things up: whether it is for the cinema, for contemporary dance ballets or for video games, Jukka Rintamäki hits the mark.
  • Magnus John Anderson Pianist and experimental music composer, Magnus John Anderson likes to try his hand at improvisations, to deliver compositions of fragile beauty.
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