Springtime 2023 at IDOL

Spring 2023 looks promising. IDOL reveals some of the most anticipated releases for the new season, from Decisive Pink to Mammal Hands and The Allergies.

Upcoming releases

March 31st

Mammal HandsGondwana Records
The Norwich trio have just released Gift from the Trees, their fifth album in a decade. Mammal Hands mixes influences such as Pharoah Sanders, Steve Reich and Sirishkumar Manji to create their own sound, developed through hours of improvisation.
“Gift from the Trees is an exceptional album”. Clash Music

Naïssam Jalal – Les couleurs du son
Since 2021, Naïssam Jalal has been giving concerts with the Healing Rituals quartet (Clément Petit, Zaza Desiderio, Claude Tchamitchian). The French-Syrian flutist has just released an eponymous album based on these healing ceremonial experiences.
“In a time that is so brutal behind its so-called ‘benevolence’, such an album feels good.” Télérama

Sissoko, Segal, Parisien, Peirani – No Format!
Two duos, each as unique as the other, come together for an exceptional musical escape. Les Egarés is the meeting of Ballaké Sissoko on the kora and Vincent Segal on the cello with Émile Parisien on the saxophone and Vincent Peirani on the accordion to reach heights of virtuosity.
“This stellar quartet, featuring kora, cello, accordion and saxophone, channel a multitude of influences to irresistible effect”. The Guardian

April 14th

Winona ForeverAcrophase Records
Hailing from Vancouver, Winona Forever made a name for themselves outside of Canada and the DIY circuit with their 2017 single ‘Keep Kool’. Blending rock and synth-pop, their sound exudes optimism. The band is about to release their third album, Acrobat.
“It features some slick charming guitar work and vibrant energy, a mix of indie rock smarts and catchy elements revealing themselves at every corner.” We all want someone

April 28th

Izo Fitzroy – Jalapeno Records
Magnetic, the singer Izo Fitzroy has made her mark thanks to her powerful voice. A leading figure in English modern soul, the Londoner is about to release her third album, A Good Woman, which is shaping up to be a gospel soul gem.
“A fantastic live performer, Izo’s fusion of soul and funk feels completely natural” Clash Music

May 12th

Mounika. – MaJu. Records & I.O.T Records
Three years after I Need Space, Mounika. is back with a new opus, collaborating with Berlin artist Joe Taylor, to create a visual narrative. Musically, Don’t Look At Me reveals a new, more assertive side of the artist.
“The multi-genre song is an enchanting and effortless blend of sound […] seduces the viewer with it’s beautiful, innocent love story.” C-heads

May 19th

The Allergies – Jalapeno Records
The Bristol duo no longer needs to be introduced. Since 2016 The Allergies have been setting dancefloors on fire. The guest list for their sixth album, Tear The Place Up, includes rapper Andy Cooper, singer Marietta Smith and more.
“Full to the brim with party-starting heat, the record showcases their never-ending knack for turning out soul-sampling bangers, and deep infectious grooves.” Resident Advisor

The Lemonheads – Fire Records
In 1993, The Lemonheads released Come On Feel, an album that allowed American alt rock to become global. The Expanded 30th anniversary re-issue will feature unreleased demos, alternative versions and rarities.
“On the band’s fifth album, Come on Feel the Lemonheads, Dando delivers clever wordplay and deep, harmonious vocals.” Rolling Stone

June 2nd

RVG – Fire Records
Originally from Australia, Romy Vager Band draws influences from The Smiths, The Go-Between and Echo & the Bunnymen. Recorded in London at Snap Studios with James Trevascus (Billy Nomates, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, The Goon Sax), RVG’s third album, Brain Worms, promises to be more powerful than ever.
“Romy Vager is one of Australia’s finest and most underrated contemporary songwriters. There’s an unadorned frankness in her lyrics that, paired with her arresting vocals, makes for an emotional listening experience”. The Guardian

June 9th

Decisive Pink – Fire Records
Decisive Pink – alluding to a Kandinsky’s Painting – is a duo, consisting of Angel Deradoorian (ex Dirty Projectors) and Kate NV, the Russian singer and producer. Together they released their debut album Ticket To Fame, full of melancholic electronic pop songs.
“New single “Destiny” is a woozy, pretty art-pop track that builds a serious feeling and uses Angel Deradoorian and Kate NV’s overlapping voices in cool ways”. Stereogum


After working with (La)Horde and the Ballet national de Marseille, and winning several César awards for soundtracks, the composer is back with a new project, as dizzying as ever. With L(oo)ping, Rone attempts a vertiginous acrobatics where his machines are one with the National Orchestra of Lyon. 20 Minutes

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