Feature to try: TikTok Artist Account

At the end of 2023, TikTok launched a new type of account to enable artists to develop their profile on the platform. The Audience Development team reports on the Music Tab.

At the end of 2023, TikTok commissioned a study from Luminate to analyze the platform’s impact on listening habits. This study showed that TikTok encourages music discovery and fan engagement with artists. To reinforce this trend, TikTok launched the Artist Account, open to any artist, to promote their music, share their creative process, and create stronger links with fans.

What is the TikTok Artist Account?

The Artist Account features a number of functions designed to help artists navigate the platform and develop their profile among their fans.

  • Artist Tag: to identify yourself as an artist and let the community know about it.
  • New Release: to amplify a new release. The artist can highlight a track for 6 weeks: up to 14 days before and up to 30 days after its release. The new release will also appear on the Discovery pages.
  • By Artist: to pin a message to the Discovery page, whether it’s one of your tracks or a trending video.
  • Behind the Song: to share anecdotes or sources of inspiration.
  • Music Tab: to bring together the artist’s entire catalog, allowing fans to familiarize themselves with the artist’s world. The feature automatically updates with new tracks made available on the platform.
  • Fan Spotlight: to showcase the best UGC content on the Music Tab.

Why these new features?

TikTok has added a Music Tab to artists’ profiles to bring together all the artist’s tracks available on the application. Users can then click on any song and use it in their videos.

Recently, TikTok also added the Fan Spotlight function, enabling artists to highlight their favorite UGC (fan-generated) content.

What's the TikTok Music Tab for?

By visiting an artist’s Music Tab, users can immerse themselves in the catalog, create playlists, create new content from their favorite music, take on challenges, and unlock exclusive artwork for their profile…

Focus on the Fan Spotlight

The new Fan Spotlight function connects artists and content creators, enabling the artist to interact with his or her fans, and make them feel valued.

In the words of our Audience Development team: “By allowing the artist to choose the content produced from his or her music, the gap between musicians and fans tends to disappear. It encourages fans to create even more content. At the same time, the artist benefits from the fact that content creators use their music, since these new videos contribute to their visibility, and promote the virality of their profile.”

Artists can highlight up to five of their favorite fan-generated videos by pinning them to the top of their Music Tab. When the artist puts a video in Fan Spotlight, the creator receives a notification. The video remains at the top of the artist’s dedicated tab for 7 days, after which the artist can choose to pin new fan videos.


Hey artists 🌟 Fan Spotlight is here! Pin your favorite fan videos and refresh your TikTok profile easily in just 3 clicks! Let your fans know you're vibing with their content ❤️

♬ original sound – MusicOnTikTok

Note that the Fan Spotlight function is now available to all certified artists on the platform.

Practical recommendations

Artist certification on TikTok is a way for you to claim your status. Not only do you automatically gain access to the Music Tab, which lists all your music, but also to all the features specially designed to increase the visibility of certified artists.

To activate your artist account, click on Creator tools, then on Artist hub. Your account must be public and contain at least one video. Complete the form to access exclusive features.

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