IDOL 2023 CNM international certifications

The CNM proceeded to certify the international successes made in France for the year 2023. Several IDOL artists made the list! Congratulations to Caravan Palace, La Femme, GUTS and The Supermen Lovers!

Each year, the Centre National de la Musique in partnership with SNEP (National Syndicate of Phonographic Publishing), certifies the physical and digital sales made outside France. In 2023, over 250 artists were certified, with a total of 424 certifications, including 381 singles and 43 albums. This represents a significant increase of 30% compared to 2022.

This year marks a significant milestone as numerous artists secure export certification for the first time. Currently, the industry is witnessing a noteworthy surge of 21% in new releases, encompassing albums and singles launched between 2022 and 2023.

Despite these strides, the CNM underscores a persistent gender gap, with women representing only 20% of certified artists. Nevertheless, the musical landscape continues to diversify and resonate globally. Rap claims the lion’s share of certified titles at 33%, trailed by dance-electro at 24%, and variety-pop at 15%. Notably, African music emerges as a rising force among the top genres, commanding 14%, according to the CNM.

The IDOL artists

Caravan Palace
Last year, the Robot album was the big hit, but this year it’s their first two albums that are taking the cake. The album titled Caravan Palace is certified Gold, with the track ‘Jolie Coquine’ certified platinum. And the album Panic is also certified Gold, with two tracks standing out: ‘Rock it for me‘ and ‘Dramophone‘. A good opportunity to listen to their new album Gangbusters Melody Club, released last March.

La Femme
This year, La Femme saw their very first album crowned, with a Gold certification for Psycho Tropical Berlin, released in 2013. Two tracks from this first effort also receive Gold certification: ‘It’s Time To Wake Up 2023‘ and ‘Sur la planche 2013‘.

The French hip-hop producer and worldwide vinyl digger, famous for his funky collaborations with renowned artists such as De La Soul, enters the select club of export certifications with two Gold-certified tracks: ‘Man Funk’ and ‘Peaceful Life’.

The Supermen Lovers
Twenty years after the release of their interplanetary hit, The Supermen Lovers see their track ‘Starlight’ certified Diamond internationally. “One of the biggest hits of French Touch”, says Tsugi magazine.

For an album, the CNM takes into account downloads and audio streaming. To convert the number of streams into sales equivalent, one download equals 150 streams.

The certifications are as follows:
Gold = 15 million streams equivalent
Platinum = 30 million eq streams
Diamond = 50 million eq streams

Understanding the methodology

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