Thematic YouTube channels: a tailor-made offer

Our range of services for record labels and artists includes a team dedicated to video accounts, in order to develop label audiences and optimise the monetisation of their content. Here's a quick overview of the thematic channels developed by IDOL, featuring some of our most influential ones.

At IDOL, Pierre Boucard and his team are experts of audience development on YouTube, but also Vevo, Facebook/Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat and Triller. The video team assists the labels with strategy and content creation, as well as monetisation. More specifically, to answer the labels’ needs, IDOL developed many thematic channels, broadcasting different musical genres.

The benefit of a thematic channel is the possibility to pool efforts: IDOL creates synergy between different labels and catalogs to conceive YouTube channels, and develop specific audiences around common themes. The catalog is then valorised and adapted to YouTube consumption, the most popular music streaming platform in the world. Monetisation is then optimised, because official channels generate more money than UGC channels. This strategy allows us to increase the digital revenues from other platforms thanks to efficient ‘Calls to Action’, along with in-depth SEO work and official video optimisation.

Our main thematic channels

Oriental Music
Subscribers: 1,32 M
[Update: The Oriental Music channel has passed the one million subscribers mark]
Record labels: Frochot Music Cantos, MLP…
Average Views: 400,000 / day

Oriental Music is dedicated to Arabic and Oriental music. It’s IDOL’s biggest thematic channel, with an audience as strong in Maghreb as with European diasporas.

Pan African Music
Subscribers : 627,000
Record labels: Frochot Music Cantos, Celluloid, MLP, Saravah…
Average Views: 160,000 / day

In addition to being the YouTube channel associated with the eponym media, Pan African Music is the reference channel for music from the African continent, with a rich and valued catalog.

Subscribers : 490,000
Record labels: Deva Jeunesse, KLB Prod…
Average Views: 140,000 / day

Boutchoo! is a channel dedicated to children. From early learning activities to kindergarten, you can find animated nursery rhymes to learn and have fun.

The Best Christmas Songs
Subscribers : 477,000
Record labels: Deva Jeunesse, DMI…
Average Views: 1 Million / day (in December)

The Best Christmas Songs is the channel dedicated to Christmas festivities with animated nursery rhymes and traditional songs.

Sing to God
Subscribers : 426,000
Record labels: Exultet, Studio SM, Bayard Musique, ADF Musique
Average Views: 100,000 / day

Sing to God is a channel dedicated to Christian music and songs (with lyrics). Following the religious calendar, Lent and Eastern are when the channel reaches its peak audience.

Subscribers : 269,000
Record labels: 365, IMC, Alariana…
Average Views: 140,000 / day

This YouTube channel lists the most powerful French rap songs from the 90s up to the present day. Discover the iconic songs by Sniper, Ideal J, Psy 4 de la Rime, Akhenaton…

Movie Music Club
Subscribers : 172,000
Record labels: Gaumont, 22D Music, Europacorp, Why Not, BOriginal, L’R du Trésor, Bonne Pioche…
Average Views: 90,000 vues / day

The channel Movie Music Club gives top billing to TV and movie Original Soundtracks.From Francis Lai to Eric Serra by way of Pedro Bromfman and Rodrigo Amarante, only exceptional creations to serve great audiovisual works.

More channels developed by IDOL

Read our case study about Oriental Music and Movie Music Club

It’s worth noting that among the Top 20 of the channels developed by IDOL, you find 8 thematic channels. In 2020, thematic channels represented 23% of the turnover generated by these official channels, with an increase of 30% compared to 2019, even with the advertising budgets being cut due to the pandemic.

Lately, IDOL signed 3 contracts “YouTube only”. As Pascal Bittard explained in an interview: “We signed with Sun Records, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash’s first record label, it’s not a distribution contract, but they called upon us to handle their YouTube channel”. The other contracts are with Booska-P, a channel dedicated to rap music, with 1,8 million subscribers, and La Blogotheque, a musical production channel (around 600,000 subscribers).

Subscribe to these channels
Sun Records YouTube channel
Booska-P YouTube channel
La Blogothèque YouTube channel

[Figures updated on 15 March, 20023]

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