IDOL Session: Blick Bassy

Another IDOL Session at the Paris offices with an intimate showcase by Blick Bassy, to celebrate the release of his album Mádibá via InFiné and his own label Othantiq AA.

Once again, this is no ordinary IDOL session. In fact, for this fourth session, the guest is Blick Bassy, an artist who IDOL has been working with for several years: the teams have seen him grow with the Nø Førmat! label and now blossom with the InFiné label for this new album. We’re delighted to know that this adventure remains first and foremost a family affair.

The founder of InFiné explained that this Blick Bassy album – in partnership with his label Othantiq AA – is an important one in the label’s history. Alexandre Cazac shared with us how he fell under the spell of this wise griot.

After these few words of introduction, Blick Bassy settled in complete silence. He took his time, gauged the significance of the moment, then started the set with ‘LoBa‘. With his warm voice, the artist enveloped us and continued with ‘Nop‘ and its chorus calling for a singalong.

Now that Blick Bassy had the audience’s attention, the artist greeted everyone, confiding that he particularly likes this type of concert, because he can feel everyone’s energy, and that our vibrations nourish him: “I need your energy otherwise I’m a bedroom singer”.

The artist went on to explain that this new album, Mádibá, is a tribute to water, because we are 75% water, and it is this element that provides the link between all living things. Yet, the planetary limit of the freshwater cycle has just been crossed. Blick Bassy composes his songs like fables: slipping into the skin of animals, the artist expresses the distress of the planet facing humans who have dried up every crevice.

Playing with two microphones and reverberation effects to bring extra intensity to his performance, Blick Bassy took us into a poetic space. And when he was about to hand over the microphone, he couldn’t resist playing the first track, ‘LoBa’, again simply because it’s his favorite.

In the aftermath of the evening, a phrase uttered by Blick Bassy still resonates: “We are but a speck of dust on a planetary scale, but each of us contributes to making this light shine.”

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