IDOL Session: David Walters

Another IDOL Session at the Paris office with an exclusive showcase of David Walters, to celebrate the release of his album Soul Tropical on Heavenly Sweetness.

Before starting his set, David Walters shared a memory: the very first concert he played with Heavenly Sweetness was at the IDOL office. “I remember, it was a disaster,” he jokes. Pascal Bittard, president of IDOL, has fond memories of that evening, because it was the atmosphere that the artist managed to create that made him want to pursue the idea of IDOL Sessions. And tonight, once again, David Walters lived up to expectations.

The artist opened his set with the intimate ‘Light‘, which he dedicated to his mother. After this moving introduction, he invited the audience to come closer and make themselves comfortable. Some dare to sit on the carpet in the front row, but they are soon dislodged by the crowd, who start dancing to ‘Di Yo‘. Accompanied by a keyboard player and a drummer, the artist launches into ‘La Vie A Bel‘ followed by his irresistible single ‘Gimme Love‘, composed with K.O.G.

The mood warms up with ‘Krye Mwen‘, from a previous album, Soleil Kréyol. We are no longer at the office, we are in a concert venue, far from everyday life, far from Paris, far from everything. David Walters took the opportunity to thank Roger Raspail, present that evening, for participating in this warm Soul Tropical album, and Cyril Atef who is also part of the party.

We are tempted to sing along with the trio on the track ‘Soul Tropical‘ and to imagine some dance steps. To close the set, David Walters offered the dreamy and languorous ‘Klè‘, composed with Ballaké Sissoko and Vincent Segal. The artist reluctantly pulls himself away from his instruments to end this very generous set. But in the room, something has changed, we leave this showcase all lighter, ready to embrace the imminent spring.

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