IDOL Session: Pépite

Earlier this year, IDOL invited the duo Pépite for an exclusive session. A chance to preview tracks from their eagerly-awaited second album, Les années lumière.

This is already the second time we’ve welcomed the label microqlima for a session in our basement. After Claude, it’s Pépite’s turn to present a few tracks in an intimate setting, with a few journalists, editors and, above all, the IDOL team. The atmosphere is relaxed, with a hint of tension hanging in the air – it’s been four years since the release of their first album, Virages

After a few words of introduction by Pascal Bittard, the evening kicked off with a screening of the music video ‘Les années lumière’, created by Baptiste Perrin, the artist who handles all the band’s visuals. He also created the cover art for the band’s latest album. “A painting that perfectly represents these last two years spent creating new memories and cherishing the old ones,” Pépite recounted on their Instagram account.

The set begins with ‘Facile‘, which they admit to playing live for the first time. To thank the audience for their kindness, the duo followed up with ‘Reste avec moi‘, a classic from their debut, before delivering the lovely single ‘Très Bleu‘.

Pépite continues, revisiting their discography with ‘Sensations‘, ‘Uno‘ and ‘Monte-Carlo‘, but it’s on ‘Les Bateaux‘ that the crowd gets hooked. Everyone in the room knows the song by heart. Lips mime the lyrics, emotional looks are exchanged, for, over the course of several listens, many memories have accumulated…

Not wanting to break this suspension of time, Pépite begins the final track of the evening, with the new single ‘Nénuphar‘. “Tous les jours de pluie je les préfère avec toi” (Every rainy day is better with you) sings Thomas Darmon. Phones go up all at once, trying to capture the moment. Everyone wants to take a little piece of Pépite home!

The Modzik magazine, attending the show that evening, concludes that with this new opus, “we rediscover the luminous timelessness of the band’s music, a je-ne-sais-quoi of happy nostalgia that feels good.”

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