IDOL Session: Claude

IDOL opened the doors of its Parisian offices for an exclusive showcase of Claude, microqlima’s new signing, with a premiere of his latest clip, Les Accords de Lenny.

At the beginning of February, IDOL invited the artist Claude to come and present a few tracks live in the Paris headquarters. To kick off the evening, the label microqlima presented a preview of the latest single’s video, ‘Les Accords de Lenny‘. One of the directors, Yoann Hébert, was there to share a few anecdotes. After turning Claude into a kebab for the first single ‘Bientôt la nuit’, the director dressed him up as Superman for this latest shoot. Yoann admitted that he particularly enjoyed putting the character in absurd situations, because Claude has “a face that you want to show”. And it is true that the artist is not short of mimics.

After this introduction, Claude got behind the microphone to perform a few songs. An intimate one-man show in which Claude seemed comfortable in his role as mood master.

On a roll, Claude interacted with the audience, telling us that his song ‘La Fille de Bennington‘ is in fact a cover of ‘Bennington’ by John Maus, who, as Libé points out, “undoubtedly shares with this new 24-year-old hero a taste for a shaky retrofuturism”.

Confident, Claude also performed a few tracks still in the works, such as ‘Soustraction‘ or ‘Ode to Mark‘ (Zuckerberg) compelling the audience to sing along on ‘Les Phalanges‘. Clearly, the members of microqlima already know the lyrics by heart, as the label’s team assists him on a daily basis, helping him to establish his career step by step.

As he says in an interview given to Aficia, “I wouldn’t have had the same artistic direction if it wasn’t for Antoine, the director of the label. Before I signed with microqlima, we talked for months. They gave me feedback on my work and they naturally guided me towards this new artistic direction.”

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