International Women’s Day 2023 (in music)

As every year, IDOL highlights the many female artists within its catalog. Listen to our playlist including Irène Drésel, Hatis Noit, GEISTE, Sabrina Bellaouel and more.

This year, the theme for International Women’s Rights Day is innovation and technology for gender equality. This day of action and awareness for women’s rights aims to promote an inclusive digital world.

The United Nations states that “If women are unable to access the Internet and do not feel safe online, they are unable to develop the necessary digital skills to engage in digital spaces, which diminishes their opportunities to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) related fields. By 2050, 75% of jobs will be related to STEM areas.”

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To salute and celebrate the female artists in the catalog, we are proud to present, via a playlist, women who have shaken up the codes of the music industry. Listen to their best tracks.

Featured on the cover, Irène Drésel who just received a César for the best original music for the film, À Plein Temps by Éric Gravel. This award makes her the first female composer to be awarded at the César!

  • Amber Arcades – “Odd to Even” / Fire Records
  • Anne Paceo – “Reste un oiseau” / Jusqu’à la nuit
  • Bonnie Banane – “La Lune & Le Soleil” / Péché Mignon – Grand Musique Management
  • Charli Brix, QZB – “Thirteen” / Flexout Audio
  • Deena Abdelwahed – “Tawa” / InFiné
    IDOL insights: meet Infiné. Read the article
  • Eden Samara – “The Local” / Local Action
    IDOL insights: meet Local Action. Read the article
  • Eesah Yasuke – “Mon ciel” / Banzaï Lab
  • Gaye Su Akyol – “Vurgunum Ama Acelesi Yok” / Glitterbeat
  • GEISTE – “Ashes” / Emika Records
  • Grandma’s Ashes – “Aside” / Nice Prod
  • Hania Rani – “Morning” / Gondwana Records. More about the label
  • Hatis Noit – “Aura” / Erased Tapes
  • Irène Drésel – “Vestale” / Room Records
  • Izo FitzRoy – “A Good Woman” / Jalapeno Records
  • Jasmine Myra – “Words Left Unspoken” / Gondwana Records
  • Julia Gjertsen – “Solregn” / Moderna Records. More about the label
  • Julia Jean-Baptiste – “Le désamour” / Kwaidan
  • KUOKO – “ALL I WANT” / Kabul Fire Records. More about the label
  • Leony – “Somewhere in Between” / Happy Music
  • Liraz – “Doone Doone” / Glitterbeat
  • Lucie Antunes – “LNM” / CRYBABY / InFiné
  • Marina Allen – “Superreality” / Fire Records
  • Maud Geffray – “Way Out (Nite Session)” / Pan European Recording. More about the label
  • Meryl – “Jack Sparrow” / Maison Caviar
  • Miynt – “A bite of papaya” / B3SCI Records
    IDOL insights: meet B3SCI. Read the article
  • Raquel Martins – “Mountains” / Bridge The Gap
  • Sabrina Bellaouel – “Eclipse” / InFiné
  • Stella Talpo – “Water” / DeepMatter. More about the label
  • THALA – “You Had 2” / Fire Records
  • Vanessa Wagner – “Solitude” / InFiné
  • Xades – “Shaded” / Kommerz Records. More about the label
  • Yelle – “Top Fan” / Recreation Center
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