Netflix’s Emily in Paris styles the soundtrack with IDOL’s roster

For the second season of the Netflix series Emily in Paris, creator Darren Star chose an impressive fourteen artists and groups represented by IDOL to compose the soundtrack.

Whether you like the Emily in Paris series or not, this Netflix comedy was a hit. By the week of its release in October 2020, the series had reached the top 10 most-watched series according to Nielsen ratings. The UK was not spared, as the series stayed in the top 10 for 40 days straight.

Netflix revealed that in the first month alone, more than 58 million households followed the adventures of the young Chicagoan who arrived in Paris to work in a luxury marketing agency. Darren Star, the show’s creator, has been nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award, and Lily Collins, the lead actress, has been nominated for an MTV Movie & TV Award and a Golden Globe.

At the end of December 2021, Season 2 launched on Netflix, featuring no less than 16 tracks from the IDOL catalog. This exposure has a very real impact on streams, inciting Shazams and leading people to dedicated playlists on music platforms. “Nuit” by Yndi, which is featured in a key scene from this season, pushed the track over 450K streams in under one month! In other words, 15K streams a day organically!

Here’s the list of tracks included from the IDOL catalog

  • Bagarre – Claque-le | released on the Musique de Club EP on Entreprise
  • Fille à Papa – Le Chevalier | single released on Cookie Records
  • Flavien Berger – La Fête Noire | released on the album Leviathan on Pan European Recordings
  • Futuro Pelo – Adventures | released on the Bluff EP on Pain Surprises Records
  • Futuro Pelo – Eden | released on the Eden EP on Pain Surprises Records
  • Fred Nevché – Le Besoin de la Nuit | released on the album Valdevaqueros on Internexterne
  • Gabriel – I Wanna Ahah! | single released on Kitsuné Musique
  • Insolente – Je suis venue te dire | single released on Velvet Cream | Velvetica Music
  • Julia Jean-Baptiste – Solo | released on the Solo EP on Kwaidan
  • La Femme – Cool Colorado | released on the album Paradigmes on Disque Pointu
  • La Femme – Paradigmes | released on the album Paradigmes on Disque Pointu
  • Loui Sixteen – Baba Cool | single released on B3SCI Records
  • Matveï – SAUDADE | released on the Summer Collection EP on Kitsuné Musique
  • MonteRosso – Aimants | single released on Kitsuné Musique
  • Victorine – Désunis de l’univers | single released on La Tebwa
  • Yndi – Nuit | released on the album Noir Brésil on Nascimento / Grand Musique Management
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