New Entries: Aurélien, Christophe and Orancie

New Entries is a new series to welcome our newest colleagues. Our first episode features Aurélien Carette, Christophe Mauberqué and Orancie Bureau who recently started new positions at IDOL.

As IDOL continues to expand and grow, we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our new colleagues. Aurélien Carette joined the Labelcamp team at the very beginning of 2023, Christophe took charge of the international Business Development team in the spring, and Orancie joined the Content Management team last June.

Aurélien Carette

What did you do before joining IDOL?
I had the opportunity to work in various positions related to digital distribution. First at Wagram Music, where I produced digital compilations of electronic music and worked with labels to develop their audience on streaming platforms. Then I joined Alter K, as head of distribution, where I supported labels and artists in their release strategies and managed relations with DSPs. And finally, by starting my own business, targeting developing artists, with the aim of distributing them on streaming platforms and promoting them to editorial teams.

What is your current job title?
I’m Business Developer for Labelcamp, the all-in-one music distribution application developed by IDOL and currently used by leading indie companies worldwide such as [PIAS], Because Music, Concord, Ditto, Kompakt, Republic of Music and others.

What drew you to work with IDOL?
I had been following IDOL for several years, and had always admired the quality of the catalog and the labels and artists distributed. As a distribution solutions user, I was also aware of the power of Labelcamp, one of the most powerful solutions on the market. Finally, it was an opportunity for me to satisfy a desire to move into the world of tech while keeping one foot in the music industry.

Can you share a personal anecdote or hobby that you’re particularly passionate about?
After spending a vacation with friends in the south-west of France, I became a surfing fan. And despite many hours of practice since then, I still feel much more comfortable following the competitions on YouTube!

What was your last major musical discovery in the IDOL catalog?
My last major musical discovery came out in 2016, it’s the track ‘Disco Dancer’ by Kiki Gyan. Reissued by Soundway Records, it subsequently led me to discover the Soundway or Mr Bongo compilations and the rare 70s-80s global groove scene.

Christophe Mauberqué

What did you do before joining IDOL?
My job title was Senior Label Manager at K7 in Berlin, in the label services department, i.e. on the distribution side. After 6 years, I decided to return to France. I took a break, during which I took up market gardening, but I still followed opportunities in the music industry.

What is your current job title?
The exact title is Head of International A&R Development. Based in Paris, I’m in charge of IDOL’s international development, and in particular coordinating the efforts of our A&R teams based abroad.

What made you want to work for IDOL?
I’d been following IDOL for quite some time. It’s rare to have a company like this on the French music scene. I recognize myself in the values, and what’s more, I’ve had the pleasure of discovering that there’s real integrity, an alignment between the values held and the actions taken on a daily basis. As a BizDev, this makes our work with labels and prospects much easier.

Can you share a personal anecdote or hobby that you’re particularly passionate about?
I’ve been shooting film for about 10 years. What I love is the timelessness of it, because with silver halide, you don’t see the photo right away, so by the time you get the film developed, you’ve kind of forgotten what you’ve shot.

At first, it was evening shots, atmospheric photos, a bit of architecture… And now, I always carry a camera with me. In Berlin, it allowed me to discover the city and meet people. I never really wanted to make music, but photography allows me to express myself.

What’s your latest IDOL musical discovery?
One of my latest musical discoveries in the IDOL catalog is the album Selva by the Italian Marta del Grandi, just released by Fire Records. I really like her voice and the arrangements, which remind me of early Feist, Let it Die period. There’s a minimalism throughout the album that confers a form of purity, and she manages to oscillate her tracks skilfully between intimate folk, melodic indie pop and more ambient sounds.

Orancie Bureau

What did you do before joining IDOL?
I worked at Wagram as a Marketing & Label Product Manager. I was in charge of producing vinyl, CD and digital compilations of all musical genres. I was also in charge of DA for Balagan Music, the label integrated into Wagram’s Special Marketing department.

What is your current job title?
Today, I’m a Digital Content Operation Manager. With the team, we manage the current catalog and integrate new references. We pay particular attention to metadata so as to deliver products that comply with platform rules. We also provide support to the labels, offering advice and training as required. We’re also in regular contact with the platforms to monitor releases.

What made you want to work at IDOL?
The desire to give a new meaning to my work, and also to try a new adventure! I’d never looked at music from the point of view of content and metadata; I’d had more experience on the label side. I knew that IDOL was a reference in digital distribution, with its ‘Preferred Partner’ status, so when I saw the offer for a Digital Content Operations Manager, I jumped at it! I’ve been here for 4 months now and I’m delighted with my missions, with a great team to boot 😉

Can you share a personal anecdote or hobby that you’re particularly passionate about?
My hobbies are fairly simple: nature walks, video games or board games. I try to stay curious and open-minded, so I enjoy trying out new activities (it’s never too late lol). Right now it’s climbing and skateboarding! (and tomorrow it could be pastry-making, who knows?).

What’s your latest IDOL musical discovery?
I’d say ‘Watch Me Dance’ by Haruka Salt & Din on toucan sounds. I discovered the single shortly after joining IDOL. I fell in love with it on first listen! There’s no better way to start the day.

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