Ready for 2023 at IDOL

The winter of 2023 looks promising. IDOL reveals some of the most anticipated releases for the beginning of the year: from Hania Rani to Blanco White and Lucas Santtana.

Upcoming releases

January 13th

Lucas SanttanaNø Førmat!
For his ninth album, Lucas Santtana promises us paradise! A mix of jazz, electronic and Brazilian music, O Paraiso gently addresses the issue of climate change.
“His guitar is melting and all his guests (including the delightful Flore Benguigui for a cover of Paul McCartney) are in tune: we’re hooked.” Télérama

Spider Zed – Forchetta
Former member of the High Five Crew, Spider ZED made his mark with his first solo effort Jeune Intermittent. With Club de cœur, the intimate rapper delivers an introspective album inspired by his daily life and those close to him.
“A clever mix of authenticity, self-mockery and introspection.” Interlude.

February 3rd

Alkpote – Ténébreuse Musique
The French rapper has been building up the pressure on social media, and the news is finally in: The Emperor will release his new album on his birthday. For LSDC (Le Spectacle Doit Continuer), Alkpote returns to raw rap and dense lyrics with ambitious productions.
“Entirely produced by Tarik Azzouz, the project will feature fourteen tracks, for collaborations with Heuss L’Enfoiré, Caballero and JeanJass, Naza, Elams, Dex, Kai Du M, Jok’air, the late Luv Resval, Ouss Wayne, Limsa d’Aulnay and Bosh.” Booska-P.

Blanco White – Yucatan
Blanco White has been making a name for himself with EPs mixing Andalusian sounds and gentle folk. In 2020, his first album On the Other Side conquered fans all over the world. In February, the songwriter returns with a new EP, Time Can Prove You Wrong.

Forever PavotBorn Bad Records
Emile Sornin is back with his baroque pop for a new album, L’Idiophone. An insatiable jack-of-all-trades, this time he takes us into a detective film, recounts a curious chase and intrigues us with a zany investigation. The change of scene is total and brings out the yellow flowered wallpaper that was so fashionable in the 70s.

Matmatah – Upton Park
Five years after the success of Plates Coutures, Matmatah is back with a sixth album that is out of the ordinary, telling the story of these last few years, which have been quite unusual to say the least. Miscellanées Bissextiles is “a double album that breathes the joy of living, of playing and of sweating on stage again, in communion with the audience.” Ouest France.

The Psychotic Monks – Vicious Circle
The Psychotic Monks, a key member of the French alternative rock scene, are back with a third album. Entitled Pink Colour Surgery, this new album is marked by a real artistic ambition, with Daniel Fox, the bassist of Gilla Band, at the helm.
“Keeping its distance from the usual formatting to better provoke the listener’s curiosity, this new album comes close to a welcoming, almost danceable radicality.” Mowno

February 10th

Amber Arcades – Fire Records
Dutch singer-songwriter Amber Arcades returns after four years of silence. For her third album Barefoot On Diamond Road, Annelotte de Graaf called on Ben Greenberg (Danny Elfman, Depeche, Ryley Walker), who had already produced her first album, Fading Lines.
“It’s a “reckoning” with emotions…” Clash Music

February 17th

Hania RaniGondwana Records
The pianist returns with a stunning album, On Giacometti, a collection of recordings inspired by Alberto Giacometti. Director Susanna Fanzun made a documentary about the Swiss artist and invited Hania Rani to compose the soundtrack.
“Based a lot on improvised melodies, simple harmonies, structures and silence it reminds me of my debut album Esja“, says Hania Rani.

Raquel Martins – Bridge The Gap
Portugal-born singer-songwriter Raquel Martins enjoys fusing Latin influences with soul and modern jazz. Her debut EP, The Way, released in 2021, was applauded by Gilles Peterson, Jamie Cullum and Dan Digs (KCRW). She is currently working on a new EP, Empty Flower.
“Raquel Martins truly is carving out her own path – and she doesn’t require a second opinion.” The Line of Best Fit

March 3rd

Sabrina BellaouelInFiné
After a few collaborations with Jazzy Bazz and Bonnie Banane among others, French-Algerian singer and producer Sabrina Bellaouel is about to release her first album, Al Hadr. With her experimental neo-soul, the artist mixes spirituality, religion and self-esteem, and finds a balance between identity and musical exploration.

March 10th

Altın Gün – Glitterbeat
After a full year of touring both in the US and Europe, Dutch-Turkish group Altın Gün found themselves in the studio for their fifth album. With Aşk, the GRAMMY® Award nominated band returns to the psych-folk sounds of their first albums to capture the energy of the live performances that forged their reputation.

Msaki & TubatsiNø Førmat!
Msaki x Tubatsi is a new project formed by South African star Msaki (double winner of the South African Music Awards 2022) and Tubatsi Mpho Moloi of Soweto’s Urban Village. Led by the rhythmic cello of Clément Petit, this first album, Synthetic Hearts, is about the responsibility of looking after each other, “and the inescapable risk of what it means to love.” With Guitars

March 17th

Fils cara – microqlima
After three EPs, and an appearance on TV programme The Artist, Fils Cara is finally ready to release his first album, Amaretto. A title that says a lot about his passion for the Italian sun. And indeed, his pop is clearly inspired by Italian pop music, “minus the kitsch, plus the nostalgia”, says ListenUp.

Flavien BergerPan European
Between a composition for the film Tout le Monde Aime Jeanne by Céline Devaux, and a surprise release in the form of a musical study on urban plants, Flavien Berger has composed an album. Always offbeat but increasingly assuming his love of pop, the musician offers, with Dans cent ans, a weightless journey.

Later. – Cookie Records
Propelled by Kitsuné Musique in 2019, Later. has since made its way, notably with two EPs on Cookie Records. Their jazz-infused funk pop has won over radio stations, festival programmers, and streaming platforms… all the way to Thomas Pesquet! And their single ‘Back to Heaven‘ has been chosen for the latest season of Emily in Paris. The young quartet are now ready to release their first album, Walking on the Line.

Our labels' anniversaries

Heist Recordings
Summer 2013 saw the birth of Heist Recordings with the release of Detroit Swindle’s EP, Break up to Make Up. For the past 10 years, the label has been a constant advocate for underground electronic and house music. In almost 50 releases, Dam Swindle has featured artists such as Frits Wentink, Alma Negra, Nachtbraker and Fouk.

La Blogothèque
Christophe Abric, aka Chryde, founder of La Blogothèque, recently spoke to Curators. “In an environment where it is very difficult to last, seeing that we have been around for 20 years, without being bought out, makes me very proud.” Again and again, independence is a strength, and IDOL is proud to accompany this famous music website with its impeccable editorial line on its YouTube channel.

B3SCI Records
10 years ago, the music discovery blog blahblahblahscience took the step to become a label. IDOL assists B3SCI Records in the development of new talented artists like Young & Sick, Miynt, Sam Valdes, Cal in Red…
Discover the journey of Mike Clemenza, co-founder of B3SCI.

Kraak & Smaak
No, Kraak & Smaak is not a label, but still, 20 years of career is worth celebrating. In 2006, the trio of producers released their first album Boogie Angst, a mix of disco and house.
“At this point in time, the Kraak & Smaak has grown into a renowned international crossover live act that will tear apart many a club or festival, whether a dance, jazz , rock or pop one.” Resident Advisor

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