The Josephine Artists Prize 2023

The Josephine Artists Prize returns for its second edition with a shortlist of 40 albums. After November Ultra's Bedroom Walls in 2022, which French production will win this year's prize?

Every year, the Josephine Artists Prize rewards the most daring musical works. A prize awarded by artists to artists, flying the flags of open-mindedness and eclecticism.

With this award imagined as a French version of the Mercury Prize, Frédéric Junqua and Christophe Palatre want to focus on albums of all genres, to encourage musical diversity and discovery. Read the interview with the founders of the Josephine Artists prize.

The selection committee, made up of journalists, has studied the entries, singling out 40 based on the criteria of quality and artistic audacity.

IDOL is proud to support 9 artists on the list.

Blick Bassy - Madiba Flavien Berger - Dans Cent Ans Forever Pavot - L'Idiophone
Blick Bassy – Mádibá
Flavien Berger – Dans cent ans
Pan European Recordings
Forever Pavot – L’Idiophone
Born Bad Records
Lucas Santtana - O Paraiso Lucie Antunes - Carnaval Meryl - Ozoror
Lucas Santtana – O Paraiso
No Format!
Lucie Antunes -Carnaval
Meryl – Ozoror
Maison Caviar
Sabrina Bellaouel - Al Hadr The Psychotic Monks - Pink Colour Surgery UTO - Touch the Lock
Sabrina Bellaouel – Al Hadr
The Psychotic Monks – Pink Colour Surgery
Vicious Circle
UTO – Touch The Lock
The prize list for 2023
  • ٣ (Trois) by Acid Arab
  • La grande désillusion by Benjamin Epps
  • Le ciel est partout by Blaubird
  • Mádibá by Blick Bassy
  • PROPHÉTIE by Eesah Yasuke
  • Dans cent ans by Flavien Berger
  • Moussa by Prince Waly
  • Papillon Monarque by Tuerie
  • Les royaumes minuscules by Voyou
  • La symphonie des éclairs by Zaho de Sagazan

On 27 September, the winner will be announced at a concert broadcast on FIP radio from Studio 104 at the Maison de la Radio et de la Musique, with live performances by the 10 artists.

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