Embracing the Sounds of Summer

Nathan Hurst
Today is the first day of summer! The sun, the longer days, the abundance of sweet fruits… Let’s celebrate the best season of the year with a playlist featuring Jean Tonique, Screen Jazzmaster, Else, Matvei…

June 21st is international Make Music Day. It all started in France in 1982, when the Ministry of Culture decided that the longest day of the year should become a day of festivity with free music at every corner. You don’t need to be Springsteen to play music: on this day, anyone can pick up an instrument and share the music that inspires them.

This initiative has found a certain echo over the last four decades, to reach the other side of the Atlantic, in New York for instance, but also in Kenya, Brazil, and China. The NAMM foundation helps find spots to enjoy music freely on this occasion, as it is now held in 125 countries and over 1,000 cities.

To take part, IDOL has created a playlist from its catalog of the best tracks for basking in the sun. Dive into our sun-soaked music tapestry that weaves together the shimmering energy of electro, the uplifting spirit of indie, the laid-back vibes of lo-fi and the irresistible groove of world music.

This vibrant playlist sets the perfect backdrop for sunny days to golden beaches, starlit nights and the endless possibilities of a summer adventure.


Check out this playlist, curated by Amy Cimpaye, IDOL’s DSP Editorial & Partnership manager.

    Electro Chill

  • MATVEÏ – ‘GET LOST’ / Kitsuné Musique. More about the label.
  • Else – ‘Oceanside’ / L’ordre Music
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  • PPJ – ‘Cajuína’ / R&D
  • Bertrand Burgalat – ‘L’homme idéal Version – Yuksek Remix’ / Tricatel
  • Aurient – ‘Fond Memory’ / Dumont Dumont. More about the label.
  • Anoraak, Sarah Maison – ‘Karma’ / Endless Summer
  • nit – ‘Looney Tune’ / Record Makers
  • Cotonete, Dimitri From Paris – ‘Parribean Disco’ / Heavenly Sweetness


    Feel Good Indie

  • Gimme Gimme – ‘Day Drinking’ / Havêa Records
    url & Havêa Records – from 0 to 1 million streams. Read the article.
  • Jean Tonique – ‘too bad’ / TONIQUE Records
  • Cola Boyy – ‘Mailbox’ / Record Makers
  • Julia Jean-Baptiste – ‘Solo’ / Kwaidan
  • Little Animal – ‘Dreams’ / Cookie Records


    lo-fi summer haze

  • Goodge – ‘Good News’ / KICKER®. More about the label
  • Kubi – ‘spaces’ / analog dreaming
  • Screen Jazzmaster – ‘Rocky’ / Cookie Records
  • Oilix – ‘Feelings’ / Cookie Records


    Worldwide Groove

  • Coco María – ‘Me veo volar’ / Bongo Joe
  • The Mauskovic Dance Band – ‘Tuto Bay’ / Soundway Records. More about the label.
  • Yin Yin – ‘Dis kô Dis kô’ / Bongo Joe
  • Star Feminine Band – ‘La musique’ / Born Bad Records.
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