Streaming round-up – June 2023

Every month, this section offers a summary of the latest news about the main streaming platforms, in particular the latest features offered by Amazon Music, Deezer, Spotify, Instagram…

The number of the month is the sales figure announced by Sacem: €1.4 billion. A record, with a 34% increase in collections and an explosion in digital sales. More info on Music Week.


Amazon Music
Amazon Music and Spotify, with the participation of certain digital distributors, are launching the “Music Fights Fraud” alliance. More info on Music Week. Read the reaction of Pascal Bittard, President of IDOL.

Meta has fired Instagram’s director of music partnerships. More info on Music Ally. Mark Zuckerberg is pressing ahead with plans to launch a Twitter rival. More info on The Guardian.

Microsoft is developing a rap generator, DeepRapper, based on AI trained on songs crawled on the web. More info on Music Business Worldwide.

Universal and SoundCloud are in talks about a new remuneration system. More info on Music Business Worldwide. Read Pascal Bittard’s article in favor of the user-centric model.

Spotify plans to launch a super Premium subscription, which should include HiFi audio. More info on Bloomberg. Spotify is laying off 200 people, about 2% of its workforce. More info on CNBC. Five years after its acquisition, Spotify sold music creation tool Soundtrap back to its founders. More info on Music Ally. The platform has been fined in Sweden following a complaint about data access under the GDPR. More info on TechCrunch.

TikTok plans to invest “billions of dollars” in South-East Asia. More info on Music Business Worldwide. ByteDance is experimenting with e-commerce, selling its own products via an app to compete with Shein and Amazon. More info on Financial Times.

One day after changing the platform’s advertising terms and conditions, Twitch backtracks following a backlash. More info on TechCrunch.

US music publishers sue Twitter for more than $250 million for “rampant infringement of copyrighted music”. More info on Music Week.

New Features

Apple Music
The Apple Music Classical app is now available on Android. More info on TechCrunch. On iOS 17, Apple Music announces major updates, including crossfade and collaborative playlists. More info on Hypebot.

Deezer is developing a tool to detect AI-generated music. More info on BBC News.

As the platform expands beyond its original focus on gaming, Discord is adapting by adding new features. More info on Music Ally.

Instagram can now display ads in search results via its marketing API. More info on TechCrunch. Instagram tests a new AI chatbot experiment in DMs. More info on The Verge. A new option is being tested for including music in Notes. More info on Social Media Today. Instagram is about to launch Broadcast Channels, a messaging tool enabling creators to share text, videos and photos with their followers. More info on Digital Music News.

LinkedIn is launching DMs for company pages. More info on Social Media Today.

Meta has launched its own AI-powered music generator, trained on 20,000 hours of licensed music. More info on Complete Music Update.

Patreon is expanding its tools for creators, including e-commerce and free subscriptions for fans. More info onTechCrunch.

Rockstar Energy (PepsiCo) has teamed up with Spotify to launch a “new global platform” with artist sponsorship and in-app concerts. More info on Digital Music News. Spotify is officially testing an offline mix which automatically downloads some of your recent favorite tracks. More info on TechCrunch. Spotify has launched a free advertising analytics platform. More info on The Media Leader.

Tidal Artist Home is a new platform for artists to manage their profile and get early access to the latest products. More info on Music Week.

TikTok has added a new AI-based tool to help create better music videos. More info on Social Media Today. TikTok is also testing an AI chatbot in the Philippines. More info on Music Business Worldwide.

From June, YouTube will be getting rid of Stories, a feature that allows users to publish temporary messages. More info on The Verge. YouTube is lowering its monetisation requirements to attract talent from TikTok and Twitch. More info on Social Media Today.

Socially responsible initiatives

IMPALA awards the Changemaker prize to Women In CTRL. More info on Music Week.
BLIM & Attitude Is Everything have published a report which concludes that black disabled talent is being held back in the music industry. More info on Music Week.

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